Windward Farm was established in 1982 by Phillip and Nannette DuPont in Madera, PA about 45 miles west of its current location. Started as fulfillment of Nannette’s childhood dream of owning a Morgan horse, the farm operated for 18 years as a breeding farm producing high quality Morgans for both the family and the show ring . A lifelong goal of Nannette’s was achieved when she produced multiple World Champion horses who carried the Windward prefix.

With the passing of both Phillip and Nannette the Madera farm was put up for sale and the remaining stock was sold. After a brief four year hiatus from the public the decision was made to relocate and reopen the farm in 1999 this time with the focus on training horses and people rather than breeding.

In the fall of 2000 Windward Farm opened its doors to the public for the second time and has been operating out of the Port Matilda facility ever since.

64 Windward Lane · Port Matilda, PA 16870
(814) 692-4551