Jess Barr - Assistant Trainer

Jess Barr became a horse enthusiast at a very young age. Before she could use words to express her excitement over horses, she would literally tremble at the mere site of them. When inside, you could find her sitting in a corner, turning the pages of books filled with pictures of different breeds of horses. Learning to read meant she could finally learn about those different breeds, and how to care for a horse, and the best part, ride.

Her first experience having her own horse was with a leased pony, of which she was required to learn equine care from the ground up. She joined the Pennsylvania 4H program, and became a member of the Sunrise Riders Riding Club. At age ten, she became the owner of a horse, which was the first of many horses in her future. As a young adult, she welcomed opportunities to gain experience by working for local stables and working horses for their owners.


Jess’s initial introduction to horsemanship as a youth and amateur rider was with the Equine 4H program. She went on to compete in Western Pleasure, Reining, Hunt Seat Equitation, Trail Class, and Showmanship at Halter. Placing and winning ribbons only heightened her interest and love for horses. She took part in trail riding and competitions for charitable events to raise money for worthy causes.

Shortly after the opening of Windward Farm Morgan Horses, at age nineteen, Jess was given the opportunity to work under the instruction of owner/trainer Amanda DuPont. Amanda’s love and regard for the Morgan Horse breed was contagious, and opened Jess’s eyes to go beyond the American Quarter Horse. Experience, knowledge and skill gained at Windward Farm proved to be invaluable through the years, as Jess was able to manage equestrian stables; working horses and being a riding instructor.

Jess has come full circle back to Windward Farm, and her love and knowledge of horses has come full circle home to her children and many other future equestrians under her instruction.

64 Windward Lane · Port Matilda, PA 16870
(814) 692-4551